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I had another eh, day. Glad my friend is alright and happy today. She is so funny, I hope to get her present in time. I want to make her birthday one she'll never forget. I really hope she stays happy, for the rest of her life and I know i'll see her pass the pearly gates. I digress and onto me. Ah, I question a lot in my life and honestly. I'm far from perfect especially with people but, I know that I will become something great. I can kind of tell it will be a difficult road. I have a dream where I can decrease the poverty, deaths, etc. Just it's a silly dream and "impossible" but, I want to at least try. Will I be successful? Maybe not but, at least i'll inspire somebody to stay alive and even try there best for there friend. I promise only on this site I'll admit this because nobody takes me serious. Well good, whether you take me serious or just as a friend it makes me happy that I could affect you so much! :) It's been a tiring week and it's been a hell of a two weeks. I tell you be happy for moments that are good. It's hard as hell to let go, I know because I still have stuff I can't let go yet but, I let go of a lot of shit. And if I can do it especially with all that's happened, happening, and going to happen. I'll tell you now you are going to let go and make it to the point your happy. Search for happiness in every way you will fail multiple times or maybe once or maybe none find it. Find it and live with it for every moment you can because you can lose it just as fast or as long as you had it. I love you all and i'm here to talk, I don't bite...much. Luv ya All

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