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I hate this :/ Nobody will talk when I pm! :/ Slowly I shall get depressive. Lol what If  I was like that. But, I would love to do a thing where you the fans would send me questions and I would answer that would be a idea but, nobody will  message anything. And my friends on here are doing their own thing I guess ignoring my messages but, I don't know what they are truly doing so I can't be mad. O, I heard about Todd Kincannon's comments on poor Treyvon Martin an  I am severely disappointed by some of these people retweeting and shit and even agreeing with this racist who can't look past skin color, Or incorrect stereotypes. I'm a proud African American. I'm also a lot of other things (that can be seen in about me) but, first is African American. I'm far from ignorant and I hate that derogatory term that was used toward us as people but, I use it in anger as a form of ignorance and not as a incorrect/ineffective way toward African American's. Even then I don't like using that term. Just like all people there are good and bad. So, please stop with the racism it is useless "Hate the person not the people." <---My favorite quote by me. The tweet to summarize was basically "This superbowl sucks worse then adult Treyvon Martin would for drugs." It was in poor taste and for the official comment you can see it for yourself and it's just disappointing in this day and time. I hate to say this but there should be a limit to free speech or shit like this happens honestly. It's one of the downs of freedom of speech. It's a blessing and a curse. Your opinions. Also btw, I believe that he was murdered by Zimmerman no way. If you don't believe then you need to look twice and look at both sides. Not just Zimmerman or Treyvon's but, both sides and the amount of evidence. He was not  injured by the way. Shooting children is not right and I don't condemn anything that Zimmerman and Kincannon's comments/actions. Let me Try this, Treyvon is the equivalent to Sandy Hook Elementary for a lack of better examples the difference that coward in Sandy Hook won't pay for his actions here. But, Zimmerman isn't in jail and is walking another day. So please understand he did the equvilent to someone saying those poor children will become drug addicts, baby mama's, whore's, drug dealers, etc. That's my opinion. Any Questions or comments?

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