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10.)What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Well I usually practice with Songwriting and Writing books.
9.) Who is your biggest influence?
I would say Lil Kim and Kanye West. No matter what they were not afraid of what they did, said, or acted becasue that was them so i believe that
is amazing.
8.) What is your favorite type of music about?
Rap, RnB, Neo-Soul/Soul, Dance-Pop, Reggae, Hard Rock, and All Japanese and Korean music.
7.) What Languages can you speak?
I can speak English, little Italian, Spainish, French, japanese, and Chinese.
6.) Favorite book?
Crank currently but, i also like my own because they are so outspoken so ya!
5.) Who do you talk to?
I primarly talk to people who are insightful or smart but i have my dumb friends too. I talk to all races and i'm brutitily honest with all.
4.) What do you want to be when you get older?
I want to be rapper, author, songwriter, record producer, producer, and talk show host. I've always been told i'd be best doing those things.
3.) What do you look like?
I don't personally like my face but, everywhere else is great to me. I have big hips for a boy(been told that alot), very good hair for a african
American and i'm not very tall in my opinion. Around 5"7;5"8
2.) What's your favorite foods?
I love Itilian and Chinese but, carribean food is good also soul food.
1.) What's your rates for your "services?"
Lol, pm me and i just may tell you ;) Jk, I need a little more then a high for price list. Get to know me first ;)

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